- Our Farm - 
In 2016 we left behind an urban life in the North Island and moved to the beautiful Canterbury Plains. We bought Lonsdale Farm and set about changing it from a farm that once milked cows to one that now milks sheep. We love Canterbury's stunning environment so are doing our bit to keep it a wonderful place. Sheep milking is kind on the land, rivers and lakes.
We are a family farm situated between the hills of Banks Peninsula and the snowy peaks of the Southern Alps.
We lamb in early September (spring) then milk during the summer months. This gives the ewe time with her lambs before weaning and the start of milking. At the end of the milking season the girls get a holiday ahead of going out with the ram in early April. The ewes enjoy a tranquil life grazing fresh pasture grown under clear skies and the warm Canterbury sun. This is perfect for creating happy healthy animals that produce high-fat milk, the ideal ingredient for a nourishing soap.

 Bought 48 East Friesian sheep
 Bought Lonsdale Farm, 35 ha, which began as a cow dairy back in 1860
Converted the cow dairy to milk sheep
January 2017 
Milked 80 sheep
November 2018 - March 2019 
Milked 175 sheep
November 2019 - March 2020
Milked 300 sheep
January 2021 - February 2021
Milked 320 sheep

Sheep breeds
East Friesian