A great gift for those who have got enough "stuff" in there lives. 

Gift box contains: Two Soap -

Soap one - One oval baaa coated in felted sheep’s wool (Fine New Zealand merino wool) which creates a natural flannel. This one won't slip out of your hands!

Soap two - One unfelted oval baaa. 

The soap comes nestled in tissue paper in a cardboard gift box made from recycled materials, plus a leaflet telling our story.

Due to the nature of the felting each soap is one of a kind.

Ingredients: Lonsdale Sheep milk, natural oils. No palm oil is used.

Essential oils are used in the lavender scented variety. Fragrance oil is used in the red rose variety.

Lye is used in the saponification process to turn the oil and milk fat into soap.

No lye remains in the finished product. 

Our handmade soap spends 4 weeks curing on the shelf. 

Note: Felted soap are available in gift boxes only. 

Weight: 180 grams approx